Last Thursday in Geneva, Switzerland the driver José María López and the Lincoln Sport Group arrived to an agreement with Formula FB Business LTD. of Flavio Briatore and Renault F1 Team LTD. With this the young argentinian will be part of the plan of support for young drivers of Renault F1 Team.¨Pechito¨ will continue his carreer under the support of the french team, of whom will depend José María López.

The categories where he might compete in 2003, starting like this the program with Renault, would be the British Formula 3 or the new V6 Renault (with the Italian team Cram).

The plan of work will be define in the month of December between the driver, FB Business LTD. and the Lincoln Sport Group.

In the meeting and the sign of the contract (for ten years) were present Mr. Flavio Briatore and Bruno Michel for FB Business LTD. and Renault F1 Team and José María López and Julio Gutierrez for the Lincoln Sport Group.

José María López said: ¨I`m very happy of enter in the project that has Renault which is very complete in all the aspects for a driver formation. This is a great oportunity to keep working very strong, this is something that I didn`t imagine. The objectives we had with the Lincoln Sport Group two years ago, I hope to get them because this is not only a chance for me , this is a chance for other argentinian young drivers in the future. I have a bis responsability and I`ll keep working like always. About next year we will decide it in December with Bruno Michel which is the best categorie for me. I want to thank to everyone that game me their support, especially to my parents, my family, to Hugo Cuervo, Julio Gutierrez and all the people of the Lincoln Sport Group. To everyone thank you very much¨.

The director of the Lincoln Sport Group, Julio Gutierrez said: ¨For all of us is a pride that José María López be part of the drivers project of Renault F1, no doubt that the results of ¨Pechito¨ were very importants and the work of the Lincoln Sport Group has seen crowned with this `triumph' of pass to a F1 team a young driver like is José María López, who if keep growing his talent in the tracks will arrive to the most importants categories in the world. This is the first time that an argentinian signed with an official F1 team geting his support. Participate of this possibility full us of pride an satisfaction and move us to keep in this line, becuase we still with ¨Pechito¨ and besides we continue working in the carreer of Esteban Guerrieri. Thank to everyone that helped us in this project¨.

Carlos Reutemann saw López in karting three years ago and he said: ¨You must follow that boy, he is really fast¨. The people of Renault followed him. They saw how he won the championship to the Polish Kubica, their driver in the Italian Formula Renault and how he defeated the French Salignon in the European Championship. They saw him and they decided to bet for his future.