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Photo caption 1361058150
Monza 2013 - Dietr Schenk - Kessel Racing 1361058148
Photo caption 1361058139
Photo caption 1361324609
John Farano's #24 JIm Weiland's Ferrari Showing Support For PETA
Monza 2013 - Philipp Baron John Farano and Dave Cameron
1361058141 1361324623
Photo caption Monza 2013 - Felipe Barreiros - AF Corse
Monza 2013 - Sergey Chakanov - Team Ukraine Photo caption
Photo caption Carlos has his hands full in Race 2 Victory Lane
Photo caption Photo caption
Photo caption 1361058144
1361058127 Photo caption
Monza 2013 - Giacomo Stratta 1361324619
Carlos Kauffmann and John Farano lead the Race 1 Victory Lane Celebration Carlos Kauffmann Leads the Race 1 Podium celebration
Photo caption Photo caption
Pre-Race - Carlos Gomez & his 458 Italia GT Photo caption
1361324625 Jim Weiland has the PETA Cruelty-Free Bunnies on alert
Carlos Gomez going for the lead Mugello entrance road
1361058136 1361058125
AGM Ferrari's on Pit Lane Photo caption
The Auto Gallery Motorsports Crew with Jim Weiland 1361058132
Photo caption AGM Car chief Dave Cortes helps John Farano get buckled in.
1361324617 1361324615