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Chronological Ferrari photos / User uploads:

Auto Gallery Motorsports Lineup Rudy Courtade, Mike Miller & Ken Dobson
Sonoma Podium Dave Cortes, Jim Weiland & Andrew Prendeville
Jim Weiland JIm Weiland the Auto Gallery Motorsports crew conduct a post practice download session
Jim Weiland Ferrari Challenge 458 Italia GT John Farano's Auto Gallery Motorsports supported 458 Italia GT
Jim Weiland's 458 Italia GT sits and waits for the next test session at Buttonwillow A WET HAIRPIN AWAITS
The AGM crew at work on John Farano's Sunday Race Car Start of a rainy day for the Auto Gallery Motorsports crew
pit lane aftermath Carlos Gomez & Carlos Kauffmann with AGM engineer Travis Low
Carlos's texts his family that he's ok Carlos g's pre impact picture
Carlos G's car after race #1 Carlos Kauffmann's car after race #1
Rudy Courtade monitors tire pressures on Carlos K's 458 Italia AGM crew member Daryl Cameron does a tire check
Dave & Daryl Cameron AGM Car Chief Dave Cortes does his job
Waiting by the water for the next practice session to begin Carlos G. arrives in pit lane after lap 1 accident
Hugh Grant sighting Jim Weiland at the hairpin
Even the barriers are cool in Montreal Auto Gallery Motorsports pit stop
Carlos Kauffmann  & Carlos Gomez discuss strategy Engineer Travis Low goes over the data with Carlos Kauffmann
AGM Engineer Travis Low supervises the adjustments to John Farano's Sunday Race Car Slippery when wet!
Decisions on what and where to watch on the pit wall Penny Arca & Paul Verrette
PETA Support from Jim Weiland Pit row lineup
Serious repair work going on after Race #1 Ryan Negri & Natalia Gomez
Ryan Negri & Paul Verrette Carlos Kauffmann's 458 in the practice line queue
JIm Weiland and his Ohio Gang of Four Jim Weiland heads out for practice
John Farano's 458 cools down after a hot practice session. More tech inspection on John Farano's 458 Italia
The AGM Ferrari's on pit lane Jim Weiland's 458 going on the scales
Auto Gallery Motorsports Hauler and paddock area AGM car chief Bill Barrett