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Florian Merckx 88 R3 Motorsports principals Ryan Negri & Rudy Courtade check on one of their sportsman driver clients
Stewart Chubb & Peter Mann share some cheer! Drivers Group Photo at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Jean-claude Saada Ryan Negri
Monza 2013 - Fons Scheltema - Kessel Racing Ricardo Perez
1406741534 1406741555
No. 44 Boardwalk Ferrari, Jeff Segal XX Programmes
Ross Garber 1406741550
Monza 2013 - Alexis De Bernardi - Kessel Racing 1406741547
1406741553 Doug Peterson
The Classy MOMO Grid Girls stopped by to wish Carlos good luck prior to Race #2 in Daytona 1406741519
Jim Weiland's Ferrari 458 Italia GT Post Friday Crash 1406741527
# 78 Al Hegyi 599XX Programme
1406741524 1406741504
1406741530 1406741509
Emmanuel Anassis
1406741538 Paul Hembery (Pirelli motorsport director) presented the prizes to the Ferrari Challenge winners.
Ryan Negri & Paul Verrette Carlos and the MOMO Grid Girls
1395326419 Todd Morici Ferrari Boxer
Monza 2013 - Oleksii Tamrazov - Team Ukraine Ferrari Challenge Test Day at Laguna Seca - The Garages are looking good!
Italian Ace Stefano Gia stands guard over one of his students Ferrari Challenge 458 Italia GT's Jeff Westphal, Ryan Negri and Jim Weiland
Just enough Ferrari red for Carlos Kauffmann and the MOMO Grid Girls Jean Claude Saada's Boardwalk Ferrari at Laguna Seca
Photo caption 2014 Edition - Ferrari Challenge 458 Italia GT