Singapore, 27 September 2010 - IT was a weekend of controversy within the Formula BMW Pacific camp with post-race penalties altering the initial results, but championship leader Richard Bradley pulls ahead neatly with a 55-point stronghold over the next driver for both the Drivers' Championship and the Rookie Cup. At his first ever street race experience, the 19-year-old Eurasia Motorsport driver clinched a win in Round 11 on Saturday and a podium finish in third place for Round 12 on Sunday. With only three races to go in Japan next month and Macau in November, Bradley is feeling confident about the championship.

Qualifying was special as Bradley raced under the lights on Friday night. A mistake during his fastest lap cost him pole position, placing him in second. Bradley then started from second place on the grid for Round 11 on Saturday afternoon. He took the lead from Turn 7 in the first lap and led for most of the race until the final lap when Formula BMW Europe guest driver Daniil Kvyat of Eurointernational hit him from behind. Kvyat took the chequered flag but was subsequently penalised for the move by the stewards, awarding Bradley the win. Regardless, as guest drivers are not entitled to score points, Bradley scored full points for Round 11 with an additional point for qualifying.

"Qualifying was frustrating as I made an error on my fastest lap but nonetheless it was a good solid result and it felt great winning my first ever street race. I'm happy with my performance and it's a fantastic result for the championship," said Bradley.

The second race on Sunday afternoon was an incident-filled one as drivers knocked into each other and took each other out. Bradley remained calm amid the mayhem and focused on the championship. He crossed the finish line in fourth but was boosted to third place after the initial race winner received a post-race penalty.

"The objective was to focus on the championship; hence I took a conservative approach and didn't want to risk messing anything up. I took it easy and it was a true Sunday drive for me. I even asked my engineer for popcorn over the radio!" Bradley added.