Fisichella awards first prize to Janis at Misano

Jarek Janis is the winner of the last race of the CSAI F3000 Trophy 2005 from Luca Filippi. The gap between the two contenders was close during the whole race, but wide enough to allow the Czech driver to control the race and take first the chequered flag.

Filippi had to settle with second place, ahead of the Astromega driver Ricci. Good race for Caceres, fourth, notwithstanding a contact with Vilander, which forced the Finn to retire. Fifth place for Lanceri, who made an excellent start. Sixth De Villota, ahead of Gattuso and Danner. Further back Solieri, Ciompi, who had a difficult race after touching with Caceres on first lap, and Ma. The winners were presented with the trophies by the F1 driver and team owner Giancarlo Fisichella, who was able to celebrate, together with his driver Filippi, the Trophy title.

Commentary: Janis makes a good start and leads the way, with Filippi following closely. On first lap, behind the two, follow Caceres, Lanceri, Vilander and Ricci. After them De Villota, Gattuso, Danner, Solieri, Ma and De Magryes. Ciompi, starting from second row, pits in after touching with Caceres at the Curva del Tramonto, re-entering the race at the back of the pack. On lap 2, both Vilander for GP Racing and Astromega's Ricci pass Lanceri, who falls back to sixth place. On third lap Janis has gained 5 tenths on Filippi.

The duo, together with Caceres, Vilander and Ricci are all inside 2". On lap 6 Vilander is forced to retire after colliding with his team-mate Caceres, who was trying to go back to the track after spinning out. Ricci is third, ahead of Lancieri, Caceres and Gattuso, first of the light category. Filippi does not give up on chasing after Janis, who maintains a half second lead on him, and 3 seconds 6 tenths on Ricci, while a light mist covers the circuit. Caceres in the meanwhile succeds in passing Lanceri, but is 15 seconds away from the head of the race. De Villota overtakes Gattuso, taking the sixth place. On lap 12 of 29, the gap between the two ahead stays the same, but they pull away from the rest of the pack. On the second half of the race, Filippi shows on Janis's rear-mirrors and seems to be waiting for the right moment to attack.

Lap after lap the battle goes on, Janis doesn't make mistakes and is focused on getting on the highest step of the podium. Filippi's attack on the final lap is not successful, and Janis finishes first in the last competition of the 2005 CSAI F3000 Trophy.