Same story in Brno, today: Luca Filippi is the quickest on the track, followed by the czech driver Janis. The Fisichella Motor Sport driver performance has been excellent, since he got the pole - his second one of the season after Vallelunga - with only one tyres set (the second session was actually ruined by an heavy showers). Janis, of Macon, is just behind him. The czech knows the circuit very well, but oversteer problems prevented him to put on the track his best effort. Third position for one of the debs in the czech stop of the 2005 Trofeo Csai F.3000 Italia, Maldonado. The venezuelan driver kept the second place till the last minutes, when Janis passed him. Fourth place for Giacomo Ricci, who bettered his yesterday performance (7) thanks of a new set up. Ciompi is placed before Vilander, then we find Caceres, Engel, Russo and Auinger. Only 11th Del Monte, who stands before Charouz and Cressoni of Bcn. Gattuso is the best one of the Light series, leading before Berton and Mari.

Mari, Berton, Caceres, Cressoni and Gattuso are the firsts out of the pits. Caceres is the quickest one during the early minutes, then Ciompi, Vilander, Charouz, Ricci and Janis showed up. Filippi, who hitted the track a while before, take over with a fast lap (1'48"876). Janis gets the second place, but briefly, since Ricci steals him the second place while Vilander is fourth before Caceres. Half of the session is gone when Filippi signs a good 1'47"549, and Maldonado is out of the pits. Two laps are enough for the venezuelan in order to get the fourth place. 10 minutes to go and Maldonado is now second, just after Filippi, but in the very last minutes Janis, in spite of his set up problems, grabs the second best time overall. Mari, of Discovery team, completed only three laps before ending his session in the gravel.