Coloni Motorsport repeated 2002 success at Hockenheim: Ricardo Sperafico in fact won the F.I.A. F.3000 German Grand Prix with over 3 seconds lead on championship leader, Wirdheim.

Ricardo, pole-sitter, after a very good start followed the strategy planned with the team, saving the tyres in first part of race, to change then his rhythm in the second part. Thanks to excellent qualities of Coloni's single-seater, Sperafico could push to the max and pull away from Wirdheim, who couldn't threaten the leadership of the BMW-WilliamsF1 tester.

Sperafico finished so first lonely, taking his second and unquestionable victory in 2003, which allows him to earn the second place in drivers standings.

A very good race also for JordanF1 tester Zsolt Baumgartner: the Hungarian drove a perfect race, always attacking, and only the bad luck prevented him from finishing in the points. Zsolt did resist to all Janis' assaults, constantly lapping with the times of the first three. When he was running 8th, after having been hindered by a lapped car, Zsolt made a little mistake in the last section of the track and he had to leave his position to Janis. Zsolt Baumgartner showed one more time his talent and the steadiness of his performances and the Hungarian of Coloni Motorsport is ready for his home race, where for the second time he will drive the Jordan single-seater in the F1 Friday morning test.

Coloni Motorsport is very satisfied with the result obtained by his drivers at Hockenheim and, after a small break, will start to prepare Hungarian GP, scheduled on 22nd and 23rd August.

Ricardo Sperafico 1°: "It was a great race, but demanding: in the first part I wasn't allowed to make mistakes, Wirdheim in fact was very close. But then I was able to control him and thanks to Coloni's single-seater I could earn a good lead. I'm pleased with my second place in drivers standings and we are confident about a great result at Budapest and Monza too".

Zsolt Baumgartner 9°: "I'm satisfied with my race, I always lapped very quickly and I was regularly in the points, close to Pantano, the car was quite good. Unfortunately a lapped car delayed me and Janis got closer. A small mistake prevented me from finishing in the points but I'm however happy".

Paolo Coloni Team Principal: "We are very satisfied with the result achieved, both the drivers and the team did an excellent work. Now we look forward to Budapest race, where in 2002 Coloni had taken victory and second place".