"If you want a miracle, you need time"

Barcelona, May 17th ­ The Red Bull Junior Team has decided to cancel this week their contract with the Spaniard Antonio García, former Champion of the FIA Series Open Telefónica(Formula Nissan) in year 2000.

In reference to this matter, the driver wishes to state the following:

"To be lucky and get a contract without putting any money has its virtues, but also its defects.

"The Red Bull Junior Team offered me a seat when I won the Open Telefónica last year, and as far as I understand, they expected a victory in the very first meetings.

"I believe my results were, more than good, promissing. But it's obvious that the team don't believe it so.

"As any other talented driver, I needed some time to do a miracle. I'm still convinced that I could win before the end of the Seasson. I'm not going to surrender, I'm ready to show my capacity and the great confidence that I have in myself."

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