Team Draco Multiracing USA - Augusto Farfus between Draco and Ferrari

One week after the press conference, given in Brazil, during which Credicard-Varig and Team Draco confirmed their interest and support to Augusto Farfus also for the upcoming season 2003, the Brazilian driver arrived at Italy before the beginning of the Xmas holidays.

Tomorrow 20th December, in fact, Augusto Farfus Junior is guest of the Team JMB Giesse Ferrari during a party that will take place in Switzerland for a very special occasion: the sale of the oldest Ferrari in the world.

The young driver, that next year has been asked by Team JMB Giesse to take part to the 4th more important races of the Championship as the Official driver (included the race of Palm Beach - America), will be there together with the Team Manager and some drivers of Team JMB Giesse.

On 22nd December Augusto will come back home in Brazil to spend Xmas holidays with his family.

In January he will flight again to come back to Italy and he will resume his training programme with his Team Draco Multiracing in preparation of the first test that will be done on February, after having tried the Ferrari 360 Modena.