Coloni Motorsport, in cooperation with Scuola Federale CSAI and the motor sport magazine Autosprint, will organize on the Spanish circuit of Barcelona (E) a "Super Test", with the F.I.A. F.3000 International cars, to evaluate the best young Italian drivers who demonstrated their talent in the national and international races.

The target of the "Super Test" is to offer to the young Italian drivers who showed during this season an excellent driving performances and a professional attitude a full test with a selective and professional car, as the Lola B2/50-Zytek of the F.I.A. F.3000 International Championship, the prestigious category which represent the last step to F.1.

During the "Super Test" will be evaluated the driving performances, the technical sensibility, the attitude to discuss the telemetry data, the physical preparation and the professional approach of each driver.

Scuola Federale CSAI and Autosprint wished to promote the "Super Test" together with Coloni Motorsport to confirm their big attention and support to the best Italian talented drivers. Scuola Federale CSAI and Autosprint wished to offer to the drivers the best chances to demonstrate their potential.

In 2002, Giorgio Pantano and Enrico Toccacelo, named by the Italian Federation (CSAI) "National drivers", both scored wins and Giorgio Pantano conquered the 2nd position in the F.I.A. F.3000 International Drivers Championship. Thanks to these results, Giorgio Pantano will test with BMW WilliamsF1 Team in Valencia (E) on 26th and 27th November.

The patronage of the motor sport magazine Autosprint, who has always been supporting the Italian drivers, is an important component of the programme to give the best support and visibility to the drivers.

The drivers who will take part to the Barcelona "Super Test" on next 19th- 20th-21st November are:

DAVIDE DI BENEDETTO: best Italian driver in the 2002 F. Renault Italian Championship; MATTEO GRASSOTTO: best Italian rookie driver in the 2002 Euro 3000 Series; VITANTONIO LIUZZI: best Italian driver in the 2002 German F.3 Championship; ALESSANDRO PICCOLO: best Italian driver in the 2002 Euro 3000 Series.