1 Zsolt Baumgartner (H) 1.38.08 new tyres
Enrico Toccacelo (I) 1.39.50 old tyres

Coloni Motorsport continued the development programme started in Hungaroring (H) with Zsolt Baumgartner and Enrico Toccacelo in the official testing session in Imola (I).

The Hungarian driver scored an excellent 3rd time, the 2nd fastest in the afternoon session, focus on set the car for his drive style and improve the feeling with the engineer and the Team. Zsolt was immediately fast and very consistent and he felt the car performing very well.

Enrico Toccacelo completed only few laps with old tyres, checking the set- up of the Lola B2/50 before to change the engine. Tomorrow, Enrico will start the development programme with his engineer.

Paolo Coloni, Team principal: "I am satisfied with the result of this first official testing session. I look forward for tomorrow morning, when we will test with all the two drivers, comparing different set-up. We are going to see the first results of the development programme that started in Hungaroring. We are very happy about the drivers performance: Baumgartner was very constant and quick. We are working hard to prepare the championship and to be ready for the first race."