Joyce as top engineer joins team.

Swindon, UK, Thursday 12th December 2002: Brand Motorsports has today announced the recruitment of Nordic Racing chief race engineer Brad Joyce, bringing yet another top F3000 engineer to the team and further outlining its ambitious plans for the 2003 FIA International Formula 3000 Championship.

Brad will take responsibility for engineering one of Brand Motorsports cars and will be keen to demonstrate his experience to his new colleagues, having worked with Nordic Racing for the past two seasons.

Brad Joyce, Race Engineer:

"I was Chief Engineer at Nordic Racing and last year was engineer to Tomas Enge, a successful season that included 8 race wins and 15 podium finishes."

"That is my motivation for joining Brand Motorsports. Everyone involved has an ambition to achieve success, and working alongside reputable engineers such as Gary Davies and Don Weston-Raper is not only exciting for me, but demonstrates that the team is preparing in the right way and really does mean business."

"The premises are certainly superior to any that I have previously seen in F3000 and the potential for success is very evident. It is fantastic to be involved from the early stages of a team's development and I am sure that the efforts of all those involved at Brand Motorsports will be rewarded come the end of the season."

Gary Davies, Chief Race Engineer:

"We are delighted that Brad has agreed to join us. We are assembling a team of experienced race engineers who will work closely together, sharing information for the benefit of the team and strengthening our racing capabilities for future projects."

"Although Brad will be responsible for the dedicated preparation of one of our racing entries, his knowledge and technical expertise is invaluable and will contribute to our entire operation."