WOLFSBURG, GERMANY --- Carsten Kroger, Commercial Director, Volkswagen Motorsport, and Andre van der Watt, Director of Motorsport, Volkswagen AG, formally announced that Volkswagen will be the official race engine to be used in the United States Formula Three Championship to begin in the Year 2000.

"Volkswagen is very excited about its participation in the United States Formula Three Championship," said Kroger.

"This is the right opportunity at the right time," added van der Watt.

The series will be called 'The United States Formula Three Championship Powered By Volkswagen'.

The 2.0 Volkswagen engine will be exclusive to the championship and will be transformed into a high-tech race motor by long-time and renowned Volkswagen specialist company Bertils Racing Engines, Inc.

Bertil Sollenskog, President, Bertils Racing Engines, Inc. said he expects the powerplant to produce about 200-Horsepower. "It will be a real solid engine with speed and dependability," said Sollenskog. "I am personally delighted about the return of Volkswagen to the American racing scene."

G.Garvin Brown III, Chairman, Active Worldwide Sports LLC said, "The re-emergence of Volkswagen to motorsport in the United States is significant. Volkswagen is the ideal partner for us to introduce F3 to the USA."

The high-performance Volkswagen race motor will be leased to participants in the series by Total Motor Development LLC. Bertils Racing Engines, Inc. will also rebuild all motors for the championship. Details concerning race motor leases are available from Total Motor Development LLC through Active Worldwide Sports LLC.

The SCCA Pro Racing will sanction the 'United States Formula Three Championship Powered By Volkswagen'. USF3 is owned and operated by Active Worldwide Sports LLC.

R. Cary Capparelli, President and Chief Executive Officer, Active Worldwide Sports LLC, concluded, "Volkswagen is vastly experienced in motorsports. Motorsports enthusiasts will be thrilled with Volkswagen's re-entry and the introduction of a true international category (Formula Three) to the USA."

Information, for potential competitors, is available from: Active Worldwide Sports LLC, 6323 North Avondale Avenue, Suite 233, Chicago, IL 60631, Telephone: 773/792-8933 Fax: 773/792-8829 or by website: www.usf3.net.