Chicago, IL---As the United States Formula Three Championship Powered by Volkswagen inaugural season begins to wind down to a close, questions were asked to the participants on how they feel about the current status of the championship, where do they see the series going in the future and its place in North America.

Keith Duesenberg of Denver, CO., the head of the Duesenberg Brothers Racing sponsored by Western Union, is very optimistic about the upcoming races and the current status of the championship. Duesenberg sees a strong opportunity to gain on Stuart Crow of Dallas, TX., in the point standings as the series moves to Indianapolis Raceway Park and Irwindale. Duesenberg expects a strong showing from his driver Adam Andretti who is highly experienced on oval tracks.

Duesenberg commented on how exciting and fun the season has been thus far, he went on to say, "I am confident in the series future growth, gaining acceptance both here and abroad. This series offers great cars with technological advances beyond any other of its kind. The USF3 is a great training ground for drivers." Dave McMillan of Indianapolis, IN., former driving champion and the head of DM Racing, is very pleased with how the season has gone for him and his driver Stuart Crow, who drives the Ralt F3/2000. McMillan said, "I take each race as it comes, I have been on the winning and the loosing sides, so we try to keep our heads up and stay competitive."

McMillan, who is an avid supporter of the USF3, believes the series success will continue to grow, attracting more players and fans. McMillan feels that "Formula 3 has always had a place in North America, it is just the timing was never right, until now."

Adam Andretti of Indianapolis IN., driver of the Duesenberg Brothers Racing Dallara F300, who's main strategy is to win the championship by using the two oval tracks, IRP and Irwindale to his advantage.

When asked about what he thinks of the cars and their engines he said "I love the cars, the cars are great, everything from the tires to the chassis to the engine, it is just beautiful. The most fun I have ever had in a race car, they are a blast to drive, there is so much you can learn from them, they keep you disciplined, one little mistake can cost you. The motors are strong with superb power."

George Frazier of Louisville, KY., driver of the Arcadia Motorsports Dallara F300, is a patron of the USF3. Frazier who has come alive in the past 3 races is looking to a strong finish.

When asked about what he thinks of the cars, Frazier had this to say, "The cars are great, the specs are very similar to that of a Formula 1 race car, that's why this is such a great series to be in. USF3 schools you in the necessary techniques you need in order to advance to other championship series."

G. Garvin Brown III Chairman of Active World Wide Sports, is very pleased with how competitive the championship has been this season. He went on to say " I am thrilled with how the championship is still so wide open, it's turned out to be very exciting first year and I am looking forward to a successful 2001 season."

With all the positive feed back the USF3 has been getting from its participants and enthusiasts, it seems that the series is winning over much of North America.

It is no wonder that the series is here to stay, it offers extremely competitive races complemented word class enthusiasm, Formula 3 has definitely found a place in this country.