CHICAGO, IL--- Bertil Skollenskog is one of the foremost Volkswagen race motor builders in the world. When Super Vee was the prominent series in the United States all the top teams used his motors. Skollenskog teamed up with the United States Formula Three Championship Powered by Volkswagen in 1999 when Volkswagen of Germany agreed that Skollenskog would build and maintain the motors for the series. Skollenskog and his company Bertils Racing Engines, Inc. have proved to be the best choice for the series, finishing the inaugural 2000 United States Formula Three season.

Skollenskog, who has always been a staunch supporter of Volkswagen, commented on the 2.0 liter High-Technology Volkswagen Race Motor, "I have been working with Volkswagen engines for 25 years and they have always built a first class product. This is the best engine so far; it is very well engineered, making it a pleasure to work on."

Skollenskog was extremely happy with how the motors performed in the inaugural season. Skollenskog continued, "for the first season we were fortunate to have only one problem, the cam belts. However with help from Volkswagen of Germany we had a new belt manufactured, completely eliminating the problem. It was smooth sailing after that."

For next season Skollenskog hopes to improve on the on the motors by replacing the factory alloy connecting rods, which have been showing some wear. "By replacing the factory alloy connecting rods with aftermarket steel connecting rods we will be able to eliminate the problem of excessive wear due to race conditions." Skollenskog talked a little about increasing the horse power to 215, however, nothing is definite yet.

Skollenskog is very pleased with the motors performance thus far and is looking forward to next season.

-Aaron De Angelis