Bittersweet Sunday

Only a technical problem could keep Racing Engineering from celebrating a double victory at its home track in Jerez. Ricardo Risatti, the team's best driver during this weekend, enters into the fight for the championship title again and Racing Engineering has wrapped up its fifth consecutive team championship title.

Ricardo Risatti, who set the rhythm in race 1, suffered from an engine problem shortly after half the distance, which didn't allow him to defend his position against Soucek and Aicart. Ricardo, who was definitely the driver who set the standard during this race meeting, was nevertheless rewarded during race 2, where he celebrated an excellent start to finish victory. After this weekend, Ricardo's gap to the championship leader has been reduced to 9 points. It will therefore be in Barcelona, where the championship will be decided. Javier Villa on the other hand had a black Sunday. A slight exit of the track at the start of the 1st race prevented him from winning a race that, given the young Spaniard's speed, would have been easily his. The way Javier climbed back up the order from last dto 5th position l e a v e s no doubt about this. However, in the 2n race Javier committed an error when passing the braking point and hit another driver. Javier was able to continue but was sanctioned with a 20 seconds stop & go penalty, which didn't allow him to make it into the points anymore. Nevertheless, Javier marked the fastest lap times in both Sunday races.

The Red Bull backed Racing Engineering driver in car number 3, Filipe Albuquerque, finished race 1 in 4th position and suffered from Villa's incident in race two, which made him fall back into 16th position. However, Filipe was able to recuperate 7 positions during the remaining laps and finished 9th.

In the Spanish Formula 3 Cup Marcos Martinez climbed onto the podium twice when winning race 1 and finishing the second in 3rd position. In the championship classification Marcos is only 8 points behind the leader, leaving him with perfect options for the last race meeting in Barcelona and given the fact that he currently is the strongest driver in his category.

The teams' championship, however, is already decided as Racing Engineering has for the fifth consecutive time wrapped up the title, leaving no doubt about who is the most competitive team in the championship.

Ricardo Risatti: "In race 1 I didn't have a good start, but was able to stay in first. From that moment on I took it quite calmly as there was oil on the track. Unfortunately, shortly after half the race distance, some part of my engine broke and I had to let some other drivers pass but was able to finish in third. In race 2 I had a much better start and during the safety car period there was some confusion, but nothing of importance. When the safety car retired I pushed and until three laps before the end had the fastest lap, but then my tyres didn't allow any better times anymore."

Marcos Martinez Ucha: "My start in race 1 was really good, but an incident at the end of the straight forced me to brake and lose various positions. But I was able to recuperate positions thanks to the fantastic car I had and I obtained the victory in this race. In race 2 I lost two positions at the start and a small errorrda bit later made me go off t track a bit. I could continue and finished 3. I am 8 points from the 1s position in the championship and will fight hard to take it over in Barcelona."

Alfonso de Orleáns-Borbón: "I am not as happy as I would like to be. We had a great opportunity to secure the drivers' championship and we missed it. Now the situation is a bit more complicated. Now we have to wait for Barcelona, try to win both races there and see what the other drivers are up to. But at least we have achieved our 5th teams championship title, which leaves no doubt about the quality of our cars."