Closer to the title

Racing Engineering achieved placing its drivers in a privileged position for the championship title fight. Ricardo Risatti and Javier Villa both have excellent chances to become the 2005 Spanish Formula 3 Champion as well as Marcos Martinez to proclaim himself as winner of the Spanish Formula 3 Cup.

With two pole positions, the Argentinean Racing Engineering driver, Ricardo Risatti, couldn't expect any better results than the ones obtained today. Ricardo's and Racing Engineering's performance was spectacular throughout the day. The work realized today leaves Ricardo in an optimal position to become 2005 Spanish Formula 3 Champion.

But also Javier Villa has valid options to take the title tomorrow starting from 3rd in race one and from 2nd in race two. Given today's poor qualifying results of some of Ricardo's and Javier's rivals, both Racing Engineering drivers expect a lot from tomorrow's races.

Filipe Albuquerque secured a 3rd and a 4th position on the grid, underlining Racing Engineering's strong outing at the Circuit of Barcelona. Filipe became a strategically important factor in Sunday's races as he can take away points from the direct rivals of his teammates for the title.

In the Spanish Formula 3 Cup Marcos Martinez alsonmade important steps to obtain the title by achieving a pole and a 2 d position in his category. Therefore tomorrow, Sunday, is an important day for Racing Engineering as the team has chances, after already closing the fight for the team champion title, to win the titles in both driver championships.

Ricardo Risatti: "Everything went really well. I had a bit of understeer in the first qualifying, but nevertheless obtained the pole position. During the second session we had quite difficult track conditions with a bit of rain setting in and many yellow flags. I entered into the pits when I saw the yellow flag and was surprised about how many drivers improved their lap times under yellow flag. But this didn't really worry me as I knew I have a fast car and could improve my lap times even more. I would really like to thank my entire team for the work they've done."

Marcos Martinez Ucha: "I had an amazing car during the weekend so far. From Thursday on we have just made some small changes on the car as it just works great. During the first qualifying there were many red and yellow flags but I was able to mark the fastest lap time in my category. During the second qualifying the conditions were really strange and I was only able to make it to second position. However, I expect a lot from tomorrow's races given my encouraging starting positions."

Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon: "This was a tremendously positive day. We couldn't have made things much better. I am very excited given the possibilities of obtaining both championship titles. All our drivers and the entire team have done an excellent job today!"

<pre> 1st qualifying: 1. R. Risatti Racing Engineering 1:36:084 2. A. Soucek R. Llusia Racing +0.084 3. J. Villa Racing Engineering +0.236 4. F. Albuquerque Racing Engineering +0.251 5. A. Barba Campos Racing +0.670 6. R. Rodriguez Campos Racing +0.703 7. M. Martinez Ucha Racing Engineering +1.012 8. N. Monserrat GTA Motor Competicion +1.205 9. J. Perez Aicart GTA Motor Competicion +1.284 10.M. Cerqueda Jr. GTA Motor Competicion +1.287

2nd qualifying: 1. R. Risatti Racing Engineering 1:36:036 2. J. Villa Racing Engineering +0.187 3. F. Albuquerque Racing Engineering +0.235 4. A. Soucek R. Llusia Racing +0.607 5. R. Rodriguez Campos Racing +0.800 6. M. Barba Campos Racing +0.895 7. M. Martinez Ucha Racing Engineering +0.901 8. J. Perez Aicart GTA Motor Competicion +0.947 9. A. Barba Campos Racing +0.972 10.A. Llobel Campos Racing +1.324