Pole position for Borja Garcia in Barcelona!

Very difficult track conditions and hard work for the drivers as well as engineers to adapt the race cars characterized both qualifying sessions of the last round of the Spanish Formula 3 Championship held this weekend at the Barcelona circuit. Borja Garcia increased his advantage in the championship standings to nine points my marking the fastest lap time in the first session. In the second race Borja will start sixth as a crash between Giao and Hernandez cost him the opportunity to improve his lap time.

Racing Engineering's Steven Kane will start from fifth position in both races.

Qualifying 1:

For Racing Engineering's Borja Garcia the first qualifying session couldn't have been more exciting. From yesterday to today the Barcelona circuit changed a lot and drivers reported a switch from understeering to oversteering. Borja decided to start the qualifying session on a new set of tyres and come in halfway through the session to pick up another new set. Borja's championship rival Giao, who during the season so far has always waited until half the session passed until he joined the qualifyings, this time tried to mark lap times from the very beginning. And quickly it was apparent that both drivers had the same strategy to get into pole position. Giao also started with new tyres and used a second new set in this session. Together with Villa they were fighting for the fastest lap time, which in the end was recorded by Borja Garcia at 1'38.116.

At his first official outing at the Barcelona track, Steven Kane started the first qualifying on used tyres. When Steven came into the pits halfway through the session, the Racing Engineering crew put new tyres on his car and Steven marked his fastest time at 1'38.585. He will start tomorrow's first race from fifth position on the grid. Maria de Villota had an official medical check this morning due to her injury suffered during the race of Valencia. Having received the permission to race, Maria nevertheless is having a pain in her left hand and therefore could not give her best. She will start from nineteenth position.

Qualifying 2:

Borja Garcia, fighting for the championship title and already looking back onto the pole position for the first race, didn't want to risk too much on the Barcelona track, that turned out to be exceptionally difficult to drive on today. Borja was in sixth position, when shortly before the end of the second qualifying Giao collided with Hernandez at the end of the pitlane. This incident finished the session for the Portuguese, who will start the race from tenth place. Borja was on a fast lap with new tyres, when red flags due to Giao's accident interrupted the session. At the restart the performance of his tyres decreased and it was impossible to mark a better lap time. Borja will start the race from sixth position.

Steven Kane was luckier than his teammate Borja, as he had not yet mounted a new set of tyres on his car, when the session was red flagged. Steven could improve his lap time and repeated his results from the first qualifying and will start from the fifth position on the starting grid of tomorrow's race two.

Maria de Villota will start eighteenth.

At the end of the second qualifying Alfonso de Orleans, Racing Engineering's president, said, "This was a difficult day with mixed feelings. The first qualifying went well and we already know that between Borja and Giao there will be good racing tomorrow. As for the second qualifying, it is a pity what has happened to Giao. The championship should not be decided like this and it is not in our interest that Giao was taken the chance to fight for the title against Borja. Steven on the other hand had a tough day for his first time racing in Barcelona. The track was permanently changing and made it impossible for all the drivers to find a perfect set up. Nevertheless I am sure Steven will push in both races and the podium is definitely within reach."

<pre> Qualifying 1: 1. Borja Garcia Racing Engineering 1'38.116 2. Manuel Giao GTA Motor Competicion 1'38.229 3. Jose Maria Perez Aicart Eca Racing 1'38.437 4. Javier Villa JV Racing --Elide 1'38.486 5. Steven Kane Racing Engineering 1'38.585 6. Celso Miguez Meycom 1'38.675 7. Alejandro Nuñez Meycom 1'38.735 8. Ricardo Risatti Igi Tec Auto 1'38.877 9. Alvaro Barba ACM 1'38.929 10. Andy Soucek GTA Motor Competicion 1'39.121 19. Maria de Villota Racing Engineering 1'41.109

Qualifying 2: 1. Celso Miguez Meycom 1'38.596 2. Juan Maria Perez Aicart Eca Racing 1'38.760 3. Andy Soucek GTA Motor Competitcion 1'38.799 4. Alejandro Nuñez Meycom 1'38.862 5. Steven Kane Racing Engineering 1'38.874 6. Borja Garcia Racing Engineering 1'39.097 7. Juan Caceres Igi Tec Auto 1'39.3263 8. Matias Milla BCN F-3 Junior Team 1'39.326 9. Manuel Saez Merino Eca Racing 1'39.483 10. Manuel Giao GTA Motor Competicion 1'39.492 18. Maria de Villota Racing Engineering 1'41.114