Third Time Unlucky for Alex !

Following being forced out twice by collisions not caused by him at Spa and Nurburgring, Alex Yoong suffered another first lap collision at round 6 of the Italian F3000 championship at Misano, Italy yesterday.

This happened at turn 1 following the start when Britain's Mark Shaw had a collision with another car that spun his car right across Alex's path hitting Alex broadside and damaging his car's radiator and suspension.

"I cannot believe my bad luck. I'll make sure I return with all the photos, TV footages and local press reports to verify that lightning does strike trice. And each time I was only minding my own business !" said Alex, unamused with the current situation.

Fortunately, Alex was unhurt.

Bad luck also struck Alex's Monaco Motorsports' team-mate Marco Apicella who clashed with race leader Marcello Battistuzi while he was lying second only two laps from the chequered flag. Thus handing the race to Giorgio Vinella with Lupberger secong and Biagi third.

Mid year, Alex had a dream start to his Formula 3000 debut with a fifth in Pergusa, Sicily and then followed up with a podium second in Donnington in driving rain just two months ago.

But after the big accident in Spa a month ago, Alex had not seen lady luck since. He's hoping the bad luck will end for his remaining three international races for this year.

Alex will be returning to Italy for the final round on the 24th October 1999 after the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix where he may be appearing on home soil for the first time in 2 years racing in the Grand Prix support Proton Gti race.

After the final race in Europe, Alex will be turning up for Britain's Alan Docking Racing team in the Macau Formula 3 World Cup Grand Prix on the 21st November 1999.

Alex will wrap up his 1999 season a week after Macau in Korea where he's expected to be invited for the first ever Formula 3 International Race to be held at Seoul, Korea.