November 13th-16th, Macau Grand Prix, the yearly great event of motor sport took place again. In the attractive F3 race, Chinese driver Cheng Congfu successfully avoided two accidents and finished the race by 13th.

30 drivers representing 14 nations and engines from four manufacturers were on the entry list, they were all top ones from different F3 races around the world. What was different compared with F3 Euro Series this year, the team Cheng Congfu represented was Singature Plus, not RC Motorsport, while Edoardo Montara, the runner-up of F3 Euro Series was also in the same team.

Even Cheng Congfu had driven A1 China team car for the road show in Macau last year, but this was his first time to participate in F3 race here. Qualifying I, his position was 24th, Qualifying II, 20th. In Saturday's Qualification race, Cheng hit the wall and retired in the opening lap by the accident with another driver. On Sunday, he successfully made himself on the track, but the accident at the start of the race, which was briefly neutralized by two safety car periods, before working his way towards the front, he was the 13th to see the checkered flag.

After the race, Cheng said, "It was important to me to reach the finish in my first race in Macau - after all I'm the first Chinese person to have competed in this race. Unfortunately, I lost some positions on the first lap due to an accident, but I was able to move up through the field throughout the rest of the race. Competing with Volkswagen and Signature in Macau is fantastic; this is a home race for me, although the circuit is new for me as well as for the team. We are happy to finish."

When asked the feeling of racing in Macau for the first time, Cheng said, "It is a memorable experience to race here. For the race itself, every year, drivers from F3 Euro Series and other international F3 races gather in Macau, 16 of them had promoted into F1 in last 17 years. Each one wants to prove himself and see who is the best F3 driver by this race, so the highlights and importance can be expected. For the circuit, Macau is a true classic with 6.117-kilometre lengh. In some places, the circuit is extremely narrow and full of bends so that brushing the guard rails is almost inevitable. On the other hand, there are parts which are wide and incredibly fast. It takes a lot of courage, this mix is really unique. Here, you can see incidents, accidents, collisions together with victories, this is Macau Grand Prix.

There are few drives who can win in his first Macau Grand Prix, most of the winners have participated for more than once here. Cheng Congfu will prepare for the next year while valuable experiences gained this time.