First of all I want to thank you all for supporting Jason and for putting this link that I sent you some months ago on your site. I can tell you that it has made a very great impact on Jason. He has now recieved approximately 3000 emails from around the world via that address. Mind you that the address was put up only for this support action, so I think it is pretty impressive. Jason has been paralyzed from the mid-chest down. That means that he still has full movement over his arms, which is very very useful, and he is quite happy looking at his position right now, realizing that it could have been much worse. His back was torn apart. All his chestbones were broken. Lungs were punctured. The doctors cut him open from his neck all the way down. He was put in a coma. The situation was at times so critical that the doctors thought that he might not survive. Happily the story had a better end. Of course it was a very big blow for this young man to recieve the message that he would never walk again and most certainly never race again. And all this on his verge of stepping on to greater things. He had been talking to CART teams and there was the possibility of Formula 1 in his near future. As you may know, he won the last two races in the FIA F3000 series, beating Nick Heidfeld in the last race on the Nurburgring. As time has past, the true fighter we know and love, has come to life again. He wants to race, and he wants to win races again. He would like to have a go in touring cars here in Denmark. He has seen a video tape with a paralyzed driver racing a touring car to seccond place in a 32 car field. That really sparked the fire in his heart again, and the true Jason smile was back. Looking at his situation, he is in a pretty good mood at the moment, setting himself new goals for the future. And we're all looking for him to succeed, and I know he will... Kind regards and a happy new year, Johhny Nielsen