Automobiles Ligier launches Ligier JS47 single seater for Formula 3.

Magny-Cours - Wednesday, 17 November 2004 Guy Ligier, Philippe Ligier and Tico Martini today launched the Automobiles Ligier JS47 single-seater racing car designed specially for Formula 3. The launch is the culmination of a substantial project which brought the trio together.

Several months ago Guy Ligier acquired a significant share in Automobiles Martini which specialises in the construction of competitive racing cars.

The Ligier MK84, created and developed by Tico Martini was presented at the Mondial de l'Automobile event (25 September 10 October 2004) at the Automobiles Ligier stand. This car kicked off the mass production of specialised cars for competitive racing. The new Ligier JS47, a Formula 3 car will be ready for action from 2005 onwards.

This Ligier JS47 single-seater can be fitted with a two-litre, four-cylinder engine and benefits from a specially developed six-speed sequential gear box by Ligier.

Philippe Ligier, Managing Director, Automobiles Ligier commented: "The Ligier JS47 will enable us to better develop our commercial potential. The Formula 3 car will compete in the various international Formula 3 championships in 2005. Built from carbon fibre we designed the car to meet all the rules and regulations set by the FIA for 2005 in particular for improved safety in the case of front, side or rear impact. This new F3 car sets the precedent for design and marketing of racing cars of the future. It meets a genuine need from the racing world and enables us to grow our presence.

Guy Ligier added: "Under Gilles Alegoet, our technical and commercial Director responsibility, we've been working on this project for around ten months. We have been focusing carefully on designing efficient aerodynamics, transmission and suspension. I wanted to build a fast, reliable racing car in full compliance with the new FIA regulations for 2005. It's always great to be involved in the birth of a new car. Taking the car from concept to creation is always special as is hearing that on track it behaves like our simulations predicted. To optimise the car we must now perform a long testing programme on track to learn more about the car's behaviour this is always fascinating.

Two French drivers from the FFSA, Alexandre Premat, runner up in the 2004 F3 Euroseries, and Tristan Gommendy (winner of the 2002 F3 Monaco Grand Prix) carried out the first track test of the Ligier JS47 at the circuit, just a few hundred metres from where the car was conceived, drawn and built. Development of the car will begin on Monday 15 November at the ASA Armagnac Bigorre circuit at Nogaro in south-west France. The initial test is scheduled to last three days when a clearer picture will emerge of the car's potential and competitiveness against its rivals.


CHASSIS                 Carbon fibre composite compliant to 2005 FIA regulations
BODY                    Carbon fibre and glass fibre
TRANSMISSION            Sequential six-speed magnesium gear box
FRONT SUSPENSION        Double wishbones, pushrods, double shock absorbers
REAR SUSPENSION         Double wishbones, pushrods, double shock absorbers
SHOCK ABSORBERS         Adjustable in compression and extension
BRAKES                  All round ventilated discs
TYRES                   Front 180/550-R13, rear 240/570-R13
WEIGHT                  550 kg with driver and ballast
LENGTH                  4130 mm
WHEELBASE               2750 mm
WIDTH                   1770 mm