2001 New South Wales Formula 2 Championship.

Round 5 - Wakefield Park, September 15-16.

Cool conditions greeted competitors to Wakefield Park near Goldburn for the fifth round of the State Championship. A few new cars rolled out including Formula 3 driver Chris Smith and Ian Paxton, both in Mark 8 Cheetahs. Chris Ahyee was to debut his Sirch 293, but complications on Fridays test day saw him pack up until next round. Speedway convert Craig Dawson debut in last year's title winning Reynard, and Kevin Lewis returned after his back injury. But it was the new boys, Smith and Paxton who lead the way.

Qualifying on Saturday morning was red hot, with both Smith and Paxton getting under David Choons lap record of last year set at 1m01.57. Paxton stopped the clock at 1m00.5732 but not good enough for pole though with Smith putting in a 1m00.1194. Ted Dunford was third with a 1m01.8908 with Lewis a second behind him. Craig Dawson's first run netted 5th ahead of John Muddles Ralt, Terry Robertson's Cheetah Mk 7 and Tony Woods Wren. Tom Brickley only produced 6 laps and was 9th.

The first race on Saturday afternoon saw Smith, Paxton and Dunford pull away. A noisy Brickley shot up to 4th with Lewis and Wood behind. Craig Dawson only completed 2 laps on debut and Muddle mistakenly answered a black flag for noise. He dropped on lap. In the end it was Smith victorious, setting a new lap record of .59.6550 on the way. Paxton was second ahead of Dunford, Brickley and Wood. Kevin Lewis was next followed by Muddle and Robertson.

Race 2 on Sunday morning was more of the same, with the front 3 of Smith, Paxton and Dunford clearing out. Smith again broke the lap record setting a .59.6497. This time Kevin Lewis was 4th followed by Muddle and Wood. Robertson and Dawson retired and Brickley failed to bother the scorer.

Race 3 was pretty much as you were. The Front 3 scampering off. Lewis retired on lap 2, and 2nd placeman Paxton on lap 9. Dunford was elevated to 2nd with Muddle taking the last place on the podium. A now very noisy Brickley was 4th ahead of Tony wood. Robertson and Dawson failed to get off the line.

Now back to Wakefield on October 20 - 21. Competition Secretary Kevin Lewis is hoping for more entries, including Formula 3 and Historic cars. All looks good for next month.