Eurointernational announces 2003 programs.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA - December 1, 2002. Eurointernational Group is pleased to announce the 2003 racing program in Europe with Eurointernational Srl and in USA with Euro International Inc.

Eurointernational Srl will compete with two-car Team in the new Formula Renault V6 Championship, in the Formula Renault 2000 Italian and Masters Championships,; also will start a testing program for young karting drivers with a Formula Renault Monza 1600.

Euro International Inc. will compete in the FRAN AM 2000 World Championship Winter Series with two cars, planning to enter the 2003 FRAN AM 2000 National Championship in USA and Canada with three cars, while competing in the 2003 United States Formula 3 Championship with two cars.

"This year we have created a brand new racing operation in Italy" said owner Arturo Antonio Ferrari Ph.D.ME", while competing in the Eurocup Formula Renault 2000 with John Antonino and Nicky Pastorelli.

Now we have all in place and we are looking forward the new challenge of the Formula Renault V6 Championship. We will consolidate our presence in Europe and USA with our Formula Renault 2000 cars. Since last year I have believed in the new Formula Renault V6 and this season we have shown the quality and level of our image and technical program. Renault and their partners in the V6 Championship are a guaranty for the future of the Series.

Next year results will be the best rewards to our investments, talents and preparation, supported by 13 years of winning history".

"I am pleased to announce that Luciano Gomide " continue Ferrari" will be one of our two drivers of the Formula Renault V6 cars and very soon we will be able to announce his teammate and the name of all our Team sponsors and technical partners".

Brazilian Luciano Gomide, 2000 and 2001 USF3 Champion with Eurointernational Inc. has competed this year in the World Series Open Telefonica Championship. Nicola Sgotto has been confirmed Technical Director for the Formula Renault V6 and 2000 programs

Eurointernational Srl is searching for two drivers to enter the Formula Renault 2000 Italian and Masters Championship and soon will continue testing several drivers on its two Formula Renault 2000.

"It is our plan to compete in USA in the FRAN AM Winter Series" said Ferrari" using our Eurocup Formula Renault 2000 cars for prepare our drivers to the Italian and Masters Series and evaluate the participation to the FRAN AM 2000 National Championship with three cars using our racing operation in USA at Indianapolis, where will continue the preparations of our Dallaras for the USF3 Championship".

Euro International Inc. has dominated last two seasons of USF3, where remain unbeaten with fifteen wins in a row.

The introduction of a new type of tire in the Series will bring to an intensive winter test program and the following selection of the 2003 drivers.

Eurointernational Srl announces also the creation of the Eurointernational Junior Team" and will conduct during the 2003 season a testing program with a Formula Renault Monza 1600 with young drivers of its Eurointernational Karting Club. This program will include the participation of the selected drivers to all Team activities during tests and racing events of the Formula Renault V6 and 2000 Championships, while the Team will assist these drivers during their karting career. The first two drivers selected are Edoardo Piscopo, 14, and Daniel Zampieri, 12, competing in the 100 cc Junior karting class.

For these multiple programs, Eurointernational Group has created two separate independent racing organizations in Italy at S.Pietro Mosezzo/Novara and in USA at Indianapolis with state-of-art race shops, transporters and equipment.