F1 carbon chassis for the new limited edition Ferrari - Technical video


The chassis uses four different types of carbon-fibre and is hand-laminated then cured in autoclaves following engineering processes which optimise the design by integrating the different components. Watch the video to discover the new chassis.Il telaio utilizza quattro tipi diversi di carbonio, laminati a mano e prodotti in autoclave, seguendo un metodo di progettazione che ha permesso di ottimizzare il design integrando le diverse componenti. Scopri i dettagli nel video tecnico dedicato.Follow us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Ferrariand Twitter http://twitter.com/ferrarimagazineFerrari Since 1947http://www.ferrari.comhttp://www.ferrarif1.com

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Video By ferrariworld
Duration 02:41
Series F1

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