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1956 FIA Formula One World Championship

Grand Prix Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
Argentina 22/01/1956 Luigi Musso Ferrari 98 3:00'03.7
Monaco 13/05/1956 Stirling Moss Maserati 100 3:00'32.9
Indianapolis 500 30/05/1956 Pat Flaherty Watson-Offenhauser 200 3:53'28.84
Belgium 03/06/1956 Peter Collins Ferrari 36 2:40'00.3
France 01/07/1956 Peter Collins Ferrari 61 2:34'23.4
Great Britain 14/07/1956 Juan Manuel Fangio Ferrari 101 2:59'47.0
Germany 05/08/1956 Juan Manuel Fangio Ferrari 22 3:38'43.7
Italy 02/09/1956 Stirling Moss Maserati 50 2:23'413

POINTS SYSTEM:(8,6,4,3,2) fastest lap: 1 point.Only the best five of eight scores counted towards the world championship. Points for shared drive were divided equally between the drivers, regardless of who had driven more laps unless one of the drivers was deemed to have completed 'insufficient distance'. Drivers who shared more than one car during a race received points only for their highest position.