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Chronological Formula 1 photos :

Ayrton Senna Ayrton Senna
400th Ford Cosworth DFV F1 Engine: Mike Costin, Keith Duckworth, Walter Hayes Ayrton Senna takes the checkered flag 0.014 seconds ahead of Nigel Mansell
400th Ford Cosworth DFV F1 Engine: Keith Duckworth
Ayrton Senna, Lotus with Gérard Ducarouge Keke Rosberg, McLaren
Ayrton Senna, Lotus 98T-Renault Ayrton Senna, Lotus 98T-Renault
1986 World Championship contenders, Ayrton Senna, Lotus, Alain Prost, McLaren, Nigel Mansell, Williams, Nelson PIquet, Williams