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Chronological Formula 1 photos :

Jacques Villeneuve passing the pits The two Ferraris
Jarno Trulli
David Coulthard Michael Schumacher
Juan Pablo Montoya
Eddie Irvine The Casino in the morning
From the back of the grid In front of the pits
Approaching the first corner The first corner
Looking back in the Senna hairpin Approaching corner 3
Corners 3 and 4 After the tunnel, towards corner 8
Out of corner 9 Towards east hairpin
Out of east hairpin
East hairpin exit, old start/finish line Out of corner 11
Casino straight Corners 12 and 13
Working on corners 12 and 13 The dreaded Quebec wall will surely 'welcome' a few competitors during the weekend
Setting up in the pitlane Who will be up there on Sunday?
Casino and curb Chicane before the start/finish line
Safety cars Safety cars
Formula 1 arriving by truck Formula 1 in semi trailers
McLaren garage McLaren setting up
McLaren wheel Ferrari crates
Ferrari in garage Williams boys setting up
Williams still wrapped up Jordan crates in paddock area
Jordan wheel Jordan cars
Jordan cars Not your usual car cover: Prost car