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Mon 02 Feb 2015
Wed 03 Sep 2014
Sun 03 Nov 2013
More burnouts, more penalties?Headline

More burnouts, more penalties?

Vettel did more burnouts after his win in Abu Dhabi, in which he equaled the most consecutive wins in one season record with Michael Schumacher.

Sun 27 Oct 2013
Mon 27 May 2013
Sun 26 May 2013
Sun 12 May 2013
Tue 16 Apr 2013
Sun 14 Apr 2013
Alonso back on track as Webber's woes deepen

Alonso back on track as Webber's woes deepen

Fernando Alonso won today's race in Shanghai with huge advantage and the unlluckiest man of the weekend got penalty for the next race in Bahrain

Mon 08 Apr 2013
Sun 22 May 2011
Sun 15 May 2011
Mon 09 May 2011
Sun 08 May 2011