Wilson aiming to be more daring Wilson aiming to be more daring

Justin Wilson said he held back in his first Formula One season as he didn't want to make any mistakes, but given a second chance he would be more daring. Wilson lost his race seat with Jaguar to Christian Klien for 2004 and has limited options open to him if he hopes to be on the grid next year. Next time he won't be so conservative.

Justin Wilson.
Photo by Brousseau Photo.
"I held back in my first season because I wanted to gain experience and not end up in the gravel," he said, according to the UK's People newspaper. "I felt like I was always on the defensive, but if I could have another season I'd really attack the rest of the grid."

"When I get my next chance there will be no pulling my foot off the accelerator because I'll be going all out to impress. Next time I'm going to try to take a few more risks and be a bit more daring."

Jaguar had hoped to hold on to Wilson as test driver for next season but due to the new regulations the Briton is excluded from Friday practices on race weekends. A driver must not have competed in more than six Grands Prix to be permitted to take part. "The funny thing is, even though I've only spent a year in F1, I've become too experienced to have a testing role for a team on a Friday," Wilson commented.

"A lot of influential people aren't keen on this regulation and neither are the drivers, who don't care, so I hope this will change. I don't want to be testing for the rest of my life -- my forte is racing and that is what I want to be doing."

Minardi could be an option for Wilson but it all depends on finances. The Faenza squad is permanently strapped for cash and even if Wilson had stayed with the team this season, he would be back to square one again in regard to 2004.

"Some people might say I should have stayed at Minardi, but I'd have still been in the same situation," he said. "I still wouldn't have had the budget to make a difference, but I have gained a lot of experience from last season."