Hot on the heels of McLaren and Sauber, Williams could be the next team to implement an F-duct system, designed to spoil the downforce to the rear wing and boost straight line speed.

Germany's Auto Motor und Sport quoted technical director Sam Michael as confirming that the British team aims to be ready to debut its version in China mid next month.

It is believed Force India is also close to implementing a system, amid rumours that Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes are also hard on work in the design phase.

Renault's team boss Eric Boullier said in Melbourne on Friday that the Enstone based team is not focused on the innovation.

Auto Motor und Sport said that due to the chassis homologation rules, teams copying McLaren's system will no doubt all need to use holes designed originally for wiring for the air-flow.

However, it is understood that Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes are having trouble with holes that are not big enough.

It is rumoured that Ferrari has expressed concern that, while Virgin redesigns its homologated chassis to accommodate a bigger fuel tank, the team will also allow for a fully implemented F-duct system.