One of the most indispensable hardcover books in Formula One is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, with publication of the 2004 edition of "Who Works in Formula One."

More than 600 pages listing all teams with their personnel, drivers in this year's competition - including test pilots, engine makers and their [readily-available] power mill specifications, information on each team's chassis, make the book comprehensive from start to finish.

Who Works in Formula One 2004.
Photo by Who Works Publications.
"Who Works in Formula One" goes on to delineate chief mechanics, team principals and key people involved in the sport, with an inclusive look at each person's resume. Travel agencies catering to Formula One merit their own section of the book, which is edited by Francois-Michel Gregoire.

Moving to sponsor and supplier liaisons, then on to marketing, public relations and press entities, "Who Works in Formula One" also gives a look at journalists and photographers engaged in covering the highest echelon of motor sports.

Editor-in-Chief's Note: is proud of the fact that our Senior Editor, Anne Proffit, is one of the journalists listed in this publication.

Maps of each Grand Prix circuit together with photos of all FIA delegates conclude the tome, which has more than 700 images between its covers.

Priding itself on concise, detailed information about everyone involved in Formula One and always including facts exclusive to its content, "Who Works in Formula One" is a must for the serious F1 fanatic and for businesses looking to enter its hallowed paddock.

The updated 2004 edition of "Who Works in Formula One" retails for £38, with a minimum of £10 shipping. With its 8-1/2 by 4-1/4-inch size, this book is an essential, easy to use reference that will come in handy at all F1 contests and throughout the years.

"Who Works in Formula One" can be obtained through the publication's UK offices or online:

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