Villeneuve supports 'character' McRae

Jacques Villeneuve thinks World Rally driver Colin McRae would be a welcome addition to Formula One as the sport needs more characters. McRae is well known for his spectacular style behind the wheel as well as a hot temper and no-nonsense talking.

Colin McRae.
Photo by Ford Motor Company.
It has been mentioned before that F1 is lacking in personalities -- motorbike racer Valentino Rossi was advocated by Bernie Ecclestone as a character which F1 needs the like of -- and Villeneuve thinks McRae would liven things up a bit.

"The sport is desperately short of characters at the moment and there's no doubt Colin has the speed to make an impact in any level of motorsport he cares to have a go at," Villeneuve told The Herald newspaper on a recent visit to Scotland. "I know he's already tested an F1 car and, let's be honest, he couldn't really do much worse than the drivers currently ensconced in the Jaguar cars. Colin would be great for F1."

McRae drove a Jordan F1 car in 1996 when he swapped seats for a day with Martin Brundle, who tried out the Scot's Subaru. McRae also drove an ASCAR V8 at Rockingham this year, showing a competence in whichever motorsport he tries his hand at. After four years driving a Ford Focus, McRae switches to Citroen for next year's World Rally championship.