Construction Moulded carbon fibre and honeycomb composite structure to fully meet the FlA 1996 strength and impact regulations. Front Suspension Tyrrell Hydrolink Suspension System, developed with the assIstance of Fondmetal Technologies. Rear Suspension Separate spring and damper units operated by push rods and rockers, mechanical anti-mu bar. Dampers Koni Wheels Fondmetal cast magnesium. Front 4-spoke, 11.0 in wide. Rear 5-spoke, 13.7 in wide Tyres Goodyear Brakes AP Racing I Front 2 x 6 piston calIpers Rear 2 x 4 pIston calipers Brake Discs & Pads Hitco carbon Pipe Systems Titeflex Steering Tyrrell rack and pinion Steering Wheel Personal Driver's Seat Anatomically formed carbon composite Seat Belts Willans 6-point harness (75 mm wide shoulder straps) Extinguisher Tyrrell carbon fibre moulded tank to FIA 1995 specification, pressure filled with Spraylance AFFF extinguishant. Fuel Tank ATL Kevlar bladder to FlA FT5 specification Battery Tyrrell 12v 5Ah lead acid Instrumentation P Research System V, Integrated digital data

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