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For immediate release: 21 February 1995

The Tyrrell Yamaha team was delighted to find sunny and warm weather in the south of France yesterday (20th February) where the team started an extensive test programme with its new 023 challenger for the 1S95 season.

Ukyo Katayama set the quickest time of the day in 1min 9.01 sec with new tyres and 50 % fuel load, more than a second faster than Jean Alesi's Ferrari.

"The weather is fantastic compared to Silverstone last week and we had an excellent first day," commented a delighted Rupert Manwaring, Tyrrell Yamaha Team Manager. "There was no wind and the track was dry all day. The new 023 ran very reliably and we recorded a total of 93 laps.

"Ukyo drove 59 laps in the morning including a non-stop run of 20 laps," added Rupert. "He is happy with the balance of the car and there is more performance to come. At the end of the day, we did a couple of practice starts. The engine has run more than 400 kilometres today which is over a race distance."

Mike Gascoyne, Tyrrell Yamaha Deputy Technical Director: "I am very happy with the progress we made today. We worked a lot on the set up with the new front suspension and made significant improvements. The long run at the end of the morning session was very useful for Ukyo because he is now understanding the mechanical balance of the car and its reactions on worn tyres. All day we ran with plenty of fuel in the car. At the end of the afternoon, Ukyo did 10 laps under 1 min 9.25sec. With a new set of tyres I am sure he could have run in the low 8s"

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