Via FAX to "Racing Into The Future" from Avenue Communications, PR agents for Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha.

For immediate release: 17 March 1995

Ukyo Kataynma, Mika Salo and the Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha team go to the opening race of the 1995 FIA Formula One Championship in Brazil confident they will be serious contenders this season.

After an extremely active winter, Harvey Postlethwaite and his technical team are confident the Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha 023 will be a top challenger for the forthcoming season. On the eve of his departure for Sao Paulo, Harvey Postlethwaite, Managing Director Technical, said: "From a technical point of view we are very proud to have our team title partnership with Nokia which makes very high quality technical products. We are also glad to most recently welcome Agip as our technical partner, supplying lubricants and fuel this season.

"The team has had an intensive programme this winter because we had to design, build and test the 023 car In a very short period of time," added Harvey. "The testing went well and we worked hard on reliability to make sure the car is a race finisher. The Interlagos circuit is quite challenging for the cars and the drivers because the temperature can be high, Yamaha has been engaged in intensive development of the new 3-litre engine and it is our intention to race the A specification version. I feel we have a good driver line-up with a strong technical package, and I am greatly looking torward to this first race.'

Mika Salo, preparing for his first race for the team, said: "I am delighted to have joined the Nokia Tyrrell Yamaha team for 1995. I think we have a very good chance this year because the 023 car has been quick and reliable in testing. I have never raced at Interlagos but I proved at Jerez and Estoril that I could learn new tracks quickly. The weather in Brazil is quite different to Finland! But I got used to the heat and humidity when I raced in Japan."

Ukyo Katoyama, in his third season with the team, is delighted to go back to Interlagos, a circuit which has good memories for him. "I scored the first points of my career in Formula 1 in Brazil last year when I finished fifth," said a smiling Ukyo. "The circuit is quite physically demanding because it turns anti-clockwise and it's hard on the neck. But the good news is that I am very fit and it will make a difference at the end of the race."

This first race is always hard on cars because the weather is normally very hot and the track is bumpy and dusty," said Mike. "We tend to run medium to high down force because of the infield section but you have to be careful to ensure that you have the maximum speed to be competitive along the two straights, You need to have a car with good traction in the tight sections and good top speed. If it rains, it will be very challenging for the drivers because the new cars seem to be quite difficult to handle in the wet."

Ukyo's lap of the circuit

"The first corner is difficult as we brake very hard from sixth gear to third and the track is slippery here. The back straight is a good place to overtake but the corner at the end is bumpy. The next right corner is technical because you cannot see the exit and it is not easy to find the apex. Then you enter the section with the Esses and good traction is crucial, especially in the last corner which will determine the speed on the long main straight in front of the pits, the best place to overtake."

The Brazilian Grand Prix is held on the 4.325 kms/2.688 miles Interlagos circuit in the suburbs of Sao Paulo. The 71 lap, 307.103 km/ 190.866 mile race will start at 13.00 local time and should last approximately an hour and a half.

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