The Tyrrell Racing Organisation re-enforced its reputation as an innovative Formula 1 constructor, today (Monday), with the introduction of its unique 'Hydrolink' Suspension System a key feature of the new Tyrrell Yamaha 023 Grand Prix car which will carry the team's hopes for success in this year's FlA Formula 1 World Championship.

Launched at the Design Museum, London (attended by yours truly), the Tyrrell Yamaha 023 is the creation of the Tyrrell design team headed by Dr Harvey Postlethwaite, the company's Managing Director-Technical Neat, sleek and packed with innovations, the 023 is certain to further enhance the revival in the team's fortunes after its highly promising 1994 season.

Introducing his creation, Dr Harvey Postlethwaite, commented "This year's Formula 1 regulations have dramatically reduced the aerodynamic downforce which cars can generate to enhance tyre grip. So, mechanical grip, grip provided by the chassis, will be the 'magic ingredient' of 1995, and once again fundamental to the performance of F1 cars."

"The new Hydrolink System - developed with the assistance of Fondmetal Technologies - will enhance mechanical grip and give back to Tyrrell cars some of the performance benefits enjoyed by Formula 1 cars fitted with the sophisticated computer-controlled active suspension systems in 1992-93, before such systems were prohibited by the FlA to reduce the cost of competing in F1."

"Clearly, Tyrrell cannot reveal fully the secrets of its new system, but its chief advantage is the way it allows independent control of the suspension's bump and roll characteristics and enables the car's handling to be adapted to individual tracks with great precision - avoiding many of the compromises inherent in a conventional suspension system".

Extensively tested during the winter months on a modified 1994 Tyrrell Yamaha 022 car, the Hydrolink System has already demonstrated in practice the substantial theoretical benefits predicted, and has been welcomed enthusiastically by every driver who has sampled the system.

The Hydrolink System is a high-precision unit, an example of top quality, aviation-standard engineering, conceived, designed and built exclusively in-house at Tyrrell's Ockham facility. However, the team would especially like to thank Fondmetal Technologies, the team's official supplier Koni for providing tailor-made components, and Servotest whose test equipment and software installed at Ockham has been an essential tool - both in proving the concept and without which thousands of kilometres of rig testing could not have been achieved.

One of Britain's longest established Grand Prix teams, the Tyrrell Racing Organisation is gearing itself up for a return to the winner's circle, in its 28th season of Formula 1 competition. It enjoys an exclusive engine supply contract with team partners Yamaha whose new 3-litre, V-10 powerunit is compact, light and already generating highly competitive levels of power.

When the new 023 takes to the test track for the first time later this week, it will do so with the full approval of FlA safety observers. On 1 February, Tyrrell Yamaha became the first British Fl team to successfully complete all stages of the full crash test programme, when the 023's monocoque chassis passed the stringent FlA tests with flying colours.

"As well as being the strongest car we've ever made, I think the new car also looks really superb," said team founder and Chairman Ken Tyrrell. "The innovations and build quality of the 023 are a great credit to the engineering and manufacturing teams under Harvey. With a competitive car and the outstanding commitment of the Yamaha Motor Company behind us, I am sure that 1995 will be a rewarding season for everyone at the Tyrrell Racing Organisation."

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