For immediate release: 22 January 1996

The fourth and final day (Saturday) of the Tyrrell Yamaha Formula 1 team's scheduled testing at southern Spain's Jerez circuit was blessed with sunshine and blue skies. The two 022 cars logged more than 150 laps during a highly productive session that saw 23 year old French newcomer Emmanuel Collard join the testing driver line up of Gabriele Tarquini and Mika Salo, as team regular Ukyo Katayama acted as coach.

"Today, the track and weather conditions were perfect" commented team manager Rupert Manwaring. "Collard demonstrated good technical understanding and was very sensitive to changes on the car. With each of our three other drivers testing the 3-litre car this week, we have accumulated a wealth of data on the new Yamaha VI 0 engine and our innovative suspension system. Overall it's been a very successful four day test and we've accomplished everything we came here to achieve."

After their impressive showing in the 3.5-litre car, both 32-year old Italian Tarquini and Salo drove the car fitted with the new 3-litre Yamaha V10 that's being developed for the 1995 023 car. "Gabriele did a very productive job." commented Rupert Manwaring, "and gave us a lot of useful feedback on both the engine and suspension during his 45 laps with the car. His best lap time was 1 min 25.31 sec.

Mika Salo, the 28-year old Finn who went so well with the 3.5-litre car on Wednesday, reconfirmed his pace in the 3-litre car. "Once again Mika was very impressive and showed remarkable maturity" said Manwaring. "in his 82 laps, he did not make a single mistake, despite being asked to go for a quick time at the end of the day, after we had made a lot of changes to the set up. His best lap time was 1 min 24.32 sec."

"I am so happy to have had the first real Formula 1 test session of my life" enthused Mika. "And it all went so well. I didn't damage the car and the Tyrrell Yamaha team game me a great opportunity to chow what I can do."

Collard spent all Saturday with the 1994 022 chassis fitted with a 3.5-litre Yamaha V10, recording 70 laps and concluding the session with a best lap time of 1 min 22.74 sec. Initially he found the braking and gear change very different from the Williams he drove recently, and spun a number of times, without damage. Later, after adjusting his driving style and making minor alterations to the set-up, he was consistently quick

"The reactions of the Tyrrell Yamaha are completely different to the Williams-Renault" said Emmanuel. "Mainly the characteristics of the brakes and my four spins were rather embarrassing. But the atmosphere in the team was very friendly and together we analysed my driving and I quickly adjusted my technique to suit the car."

Observed Rupert Manwaring, "Emmanuel was obviously quick from the beginning, but his style and our chassis were initially mis-matched. He responded well to our coaching and eventually was running without any problems, with each of his final four laps below 1 min 23 sec He perhaps lacks sufficient stamina for Formula 1 at present, but he was nevertheless very impressive.

As the Tyrrell Yamaha team packed up its equipment to return to the UK, technical operations manager Nigel Beresford commented, "We've got a little more development work to do on the new 3-litre before the season starts, but we made excellent progress throughout our four days at Jerez. Both 3-litre and 3.5-litre Yamaha engines ran faultlessly today, Saturday, and the results of our intensive test programme are genuine cause for considerable optimism for the year ahead.

PR Courtesy Tyrrell Racing Organisation Limited

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