Algarve Circuit 4.686 kms

Sebastien Buemi
Chassis: STR3- 04
Best time: 1:34.429
Laps: 48

Portugal is in the same time zone as England and unfortunately, for the past two days, the weather here has decided to imitate a typical British winter, with more rain and even a hail storm hitting the Algarve track today. Towards the end of the session, conditions became dangerous and the team ended its programme an hour early.

Looking on the bright side, the bad weather has provided some valuable experience for Sebastien who was able to evaluate three different types of tyre on the same day: dry (for one cautious run,) extreme wets and intermediates.

Other than that, today's programme looked at fine tuning the electronics systems and gearbox settings. The weather forecast for tomorrow is currently promising drier conditions.

-credit: toro rosso