The penultimate test session of 2006 took place in mixed weather conditions as it seems that new tyre supplier Bridgestone has a hotline to the Japanese rain gods. This meant that as well as running dry weather Potenzas, the team was also able to evaluate Standard rain tyres on the first day and both Standard and Extreme on the final day.

"In the dry, we were running a tyre that is one step softer than the one we tried in Barcelona last week and it behaved quite differently, which made for an interesting test," was Chief Engineer Laurent Mekies' assessment of the week in Jerez.

"Because of the weather, we effectively tried three types of tyre. Both Tonio and Scott did a good job and apart from the tyre work, Tonio did some brake material testing, while Scott worked on mechanical set-up. We are back here in Jerez next week, which means we will have the luxury of verifying the data we have acquired this time."

Tonio Liuzzi
96 laps
Best lap: 1:21.430

Scott Speed
59 laps
Best lap: 1:21.134

Scott Speed
53 laps
Best lap: 1:21.260

-credit: toro rosso