Everything appears normal at TOM's as they prepare for the the British Grand Prix support race this weekend, there is uncertainty as to the future of the Anglo-Japanese team after its acquisition by Audi last week.

Martin O'Connell, top Briton in the British F3 Championship, may be forced out of the series as the German manufacturer's future have not yet been made clear. Links with parent company TOM'S Japan and Toyota have already been severed but TOM'S GB boss Hiroshi Fushida stressed that the takeover need not spell the end for the F3 team. "It's down to the drivers, so we have to have a meeting," he said. "The drivers pay money and if they are happy it could carry on." Following five second places O'Connell currently lies third in the championship. His manager Ray Rowan admitted that he is uncertain about the future. "In the short term it'll carry on," he said. "But when Audi really takes over things might change. It's difficult to see F3 figuring in Audi's plans long-term." More information may be forthcoming next week. Jack Durbin - Motorsport News International