Head of United States Grand Prix Says Ecclestone's "Rain" Idea for Formula One is Brilliant

Tavo Hellmund, Texas Grand Prix promoter
Tavo Hellmund, Texas Grand Prix promoter


Austin, TX - Tavo Hellmund, Chairman of the United States Grand Prix, made the following statement today in response to Formula One Chief Executive Bernie Ecclestone's idea of introducing a wet track for a portion of each race.

Bernie Ecclestone's idea for artificial rain during races is brilliant on several fronts.

Controlled rain has several benefits:

. It does not hurt promoter event ticket sales as it can be done even on sunny days.

. Racing in the wet is spectacular and creates an added compelling element.

. True talent always shines in the wet.

. The smaller teams should rejoice as rain is the ultimate equalizer, eliminating size of budgets and allowing pure talent to shine.

I'll have to talk with Bernie soon about this to see if it is something that makes sense. We're obviously in a perfect position being at the front end of the construction process. We'd love to be one of the tracks to make this possible.

-source: austin us grand prix