From today's sports section of the Dayton Daily News:

Stewart, Ford Team Up:

Three-time Formula One driving champion Jackie Stewart is returning to the Grand Prix circuit as head of a Ford Motor Co.-backed racing team that plans to begin racing next year. Stewart, 56, retired as a race driver in 1973 but stayed active in the sport as a broadcaster and as a consultant and test driver for Ford. The team will be called Stewart Grand Prix and will be based in Milton Keynes, England. The partnership between Stewart Grand Prix and Ford will involve chassis development, aerodynamics, electronics and other technology. For said the agreement with Stewart does not affect its 1996 engine commitment to the Red Bull Sauber-Ford Swiss racing team. Stewart Grand Prix will use a Ford Zetek-R V10 engine, more powerful but also faster fuel-burning than the V8 engines in general use in Grand Prix Racing, Stewart said.

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Scott T. Clark