As of December 5th, Guenther Steiner relinquished his role as the Managing Director of Jaguar Racing. The team is currently in discussion with Guenther about the direction of Jaguar Racing's organisational structure and at this early stage the team cannot comment beyond that.

Richard Parry-Jones undertook an eight month review about every layer of the business structure of the company and the press conference at Indianapolis confirmed that Ford is totally committed to Jaguar Racing. The team is now beginning to see the implementation of this review.

The aim is to inject new depth and highlight the weaknesses exposed in the review. It is a philosophy that exists throughout the organisation and the restructure is clearly aimed at trying to instil new engineering processes that the team lacks.

"We announced the strategic outcome of those studies back in Indianapolis when we were happy to reaffirm our commitment to our ongoing investment in Formula One," commented Parry-Jones. "What we are now doing is moving into the implementation phases of that strategy, and they are really focused around increasing technical depth and focus and improving our efficiency."

Tony Purnell fills the vital role of CEO of the Premier Performance Division (PPD) with the new team hierarchical format at Jaguar Racing now structured as follows:

The new Managing Director of the Jaguar Racing team is former project manager for the current R3C test car and the 2003 R4, David Pitchforth. This man was instrumental in engineering the turnaround that we saw in the R3 towards the end of the 2002 season. He was at the forefront of the restructuring that saw the arrival of Mark Gillan and Ben Agathangelou and was also instrumental in installing the new wind tunnel at Bicester.

He has extensive experience in aerodynamics, fluid dynamics and model scale design and has every requirement that is needed to implement Richard Parry-Jones' plan.

Reporting to David Pitchforth is the Engineering Director, a position responsible for all aspects of the car. It is due to be filled in approximately three months.

Pitchforth's department consists of four important positions. Ben Agathangelou is the Head of Aerodynamics, resuming the role he stepped into towards the end of the season. Rob Taylor is to fill the role of Chief Car Designer and will work alongside the Head of Vehicle Science -- a role responsible for the computer simulation and design simulation models and the full quantifiable measurement of the processes of design up until testing.

Mark Gillan fulfils the role of Head of Vehicle performance, which covers all technical issues at the race track. Finally, Malcolm Oastler will take on the full time role of Chief Engineer from January 1 and will also report to the Engineering Director.

"The core of competitiveness in Formula One, more and more is depth and technical competence. And it's my opinion that this drives for a need in the change of management philosophy, to stress systems engineering, discipline, the rigorous collection and use of data, and above all outstanding communication and teamwork," added Parry-Jones.

"Clearly the biggest consistent issue was a lack of a robust technical set-up in the company, and that is what we are addressing here. My approach sets Jaguar Racing up as a more engineering orientated company with a true systems engineering approach that we believe is increasingly key to success in Formula One."