Spyker F1 Team is very proud to announce a new sponsorship agreement for 3 years with McGregor Fashion Group. The agreement consists of a sponsoring agreement as well as a licensing agreement. McGregor will launch a fashion line to be named "Spyker F1 by McGregor" which will be available in retail Spring 2007. This is another important step in order to make the Spyker F1 brand stronger and more attractive. The company is one of the strongest growing European fashion houses.

The McGregor brand couples Scottish influences with specific characteristics of American leisurewear: "The best of both worlds". Scottish immigrants established the brand in New York in 1921.

Initially McGregor was a Sportswear (leisurewear) brand only. After a Dutch consortium acquired the brand, considerable effort was made to extend the brand. Beside the famous Sportswear collection, a Business Wear collection was launched. Since 2000 there is also a womenswear, junior and baby collection. The logo of McGregor will be on the rear wing endplates of the race cars and on the race overalls and team shirts from the start of the 2007 F1 season.

Michiel Mol, Director of F1 Spyker BV: "It is our aim to have strong and promising brands on our racing cars, brands that fit our strategy to become one of the most attractive F1 teams. McGregor is a famous brand with dominant distribution world-wide. We are happy that McGregor will use the Spyker F1 Team to increase their brand awareness and global presence. Outside this the "Spyker F1 by McGregor" line will support the Spyker F1 brand and bring it closer to the fans."

Jan-Paul ten Hoopen, Commercial Director McGregor: "McGregor and Spyker share a unique heritage and "pure passion" for craftsmanship, design and exclusivity. We already had a close relation with the Spyker Squadron that is very successful. When Spyker Cars became the owner of an F1 Team we immediately decided that this would be a unique opportunity for us to make the McGregor brand even stronger."

"At the moment we are finalising the new "Spyker F1 by McGregor" collection which will be launched Spring 2007. We are really happy with this co-operation and proud that our brand is associated with this unique project. We are looking forward to the launch of the new orange F1 car and we like to wish Spyker F1 Team lots of success with their mission."

-credit: spykerf1