Simtek firms up '95 plans

Nick Underwood appointed as Commercial and Operations Mangaer. Former Arrows/March manager, Nick Underwood has been appointed to handle all future Commercial and Operations requirements of Simtek GP. In doing so, he will rekindle a working association with team manager Charlie Moodie and team principal Nick Wirth, both of whom were also employed at March Racing in Bicester before Simtek's formation. ... Simtek's 1994 sponsors, MTV, Russel Athletic and Barbara MC will all be with the team again next year and news of considerable additional backing will be made shortly.

The Simtek S951 is currently in production, and should be begin testing in February 1995. Though an all-new design, it obviously benefits from the team's 1994 experiences and, like its predecessor, will be Cosworth-powered; the new 3 litre 'ED' units being used in the second season of Simtek's two year deal with the Northampton-based company.

Finally, the team is waiting to confirm David Brabham's place and to reveal the identity of his team-mate for next-year, a role for which there continues to be fiece negotiation by drivers of several nationalities. -- Paul Negyesi

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