Almost 100 thousand visitors at Senna Experience exhibition
Interactive and technological show captivated all ages enthusiasts

Senna Experience, the greatest exhibition ever made about the three-times world champion's life, is over after 90 days open with a very positive balance: almost 100 thousand visitors came across the 15 exhibition rooms which pictured the Ayrton Senna's life, values and legacy through state-of-the-art resources, as simulators and games.

"The people stopped by to amuse and thanks us for the opportunity to know better Ayrton Senna's life and values", said Ayrton Senna Institute's president, Viviane Senna. "With the exhibition we were able to show that he was not only a great champion, but a winner in life that conquered everything with lots of work, dedication, go for it, perseverance. The public understood this message and took those values with them. It was our major goal."

For the Ayrton Senna Institute it was a great challenge to make Senna Experience happen because of its size and uniqueness: the show got 2.000 m" and was guided by technology and interactivity, which lead the visitors to experience the same emotions that Ayrton Senna felt on the track, inside the cockpit. The entire technological device demanded an R$ 4,2 millions investment, only viable with the participation of the sponsors, which gave a true gift to all whom admire the three-times champion.

The exhibition counted with the sponsorship of APEX, Credicard, Goodyear, Petrobras BR, TAM, Telefonica and Shopping Eldorado (podium sponsors) and Compuware, Eletropaulo, Mapfre, Renault, Sest/Senat and Springer Carrier (pole position sponsors). The revenue from the box office was totally directed to the Ayrton Senna Institute' social projects, reaching R$ 800 thousand.

The audience diversity was a highlight of Senna Experience show. The exhibition counted with visitors of all ages from several regions of Brazil and the world. Lots of children came with their parents to know Ayrton Senna, once they could not see him on the tracks. The Senninha room, with a 3D video, which showed in a playful way the pilot's life, was one of the highlights for the youngsters.

On the other hand, the enthusiasts could know better or see again the cars, helmets, trophies, and they were thrilled with the idol's life and mainly with the Victory room, where the 41 GP's victory were shown on a video wall.