Michael Schumacher ended a fantastic weekend in Spa, relaxing in Karl-Heinz Zimmerman's motorhome, along with his wife Corinna, brother Ralf and a few friends. "We relaxed a bit before leaving the paddock to make the most of this weekend," said Michael. The world champion set another record in Belgium, becoming the first driver to win ten races in a season. He held the previous record already, along with Nigel Mansell, who was in Spa yesterday.

"I am sure if anyone could have seen my face while I was driving, they would have spotted a big smile," continued Michael. "Especially if it had been before the pit stop." He had indeed proved exceptional in the first section of the race, improving the lap record seven times in a row, from laps five to eleven. "I just drove flat out all the time up to the third stint, after which it would not have made sense to do so and it was better to nurse the car."

"The early part had been more enjoyable, a pure joy to drive and the car was going really well, just as I had expected. To be honest, I approached Spa with certain expectations. The F2002 had already shown itself to be very good and the two circuits have some characteristics in common. The car works particularly well in fast corners and so I had secretly hoped the race would be a pleasure, which it was. I don't think I've ever had such fun during a grand prix!"

In the evening, Michael and Corinna left the circuit to return home to Switzerland. It will only be a brief stay for the five times world champion, because from tomorrow he has to be in Monza for two days of testing, to fine tune the F2002 for the Italian Grand Prix. He has two engagements this weekend.

The first is really special, being the church blessing of the wedding of his brother Ralf to Cora. "Corinna and I are really looking forward to the ceremony," said Michael. "We are very happy for Cora and Ralf. I am sure it will be an emotional moment for both of them. I remember my wedding with Corinna very well and the feelings and images from that day are embedded in my mind. It was a wonderful moment and I am sure it will be the same for Cora and Ralf. I am sure we will come up with something to make it unforgettable."

The following day, Michael will attend the Ferrari Racing Days event at the Nurburgring, where he will return to the track, driving three cars: an F2002, a Maserati Trofeo and the Enzo.