Team Sauber Petronas started its three-day test at the Circuito Permanente de Jerez today. Jacques Villeneuve covered 60 laps in chassis C24-01 to set a best time of 1:21.302s. Felipe Massa ran 67 laps in chassis C24-02 with today's best time of 1:17.506s.

Jacky Eeckelaert (Chief Race Engineer):

"In the morning the track was still damp from yesterday, that's why we ran with Michelin wet tyres and couldn't start our test programme until noon when we were finally able to switch to grooved tyres."

"By then we concentrated with both cars on further set-up work and Felipe also completed the roll-out of our second chassis. Brake and Michelin tyre evaluations for Melbourne were originally planned, too, but those we had to postpone to tomorrow."

"Our overall target for this week is the final preparation for the Australian Grand Prix with a focus on brake and tyre tests as well as the assessment of the last version of the systems' software."

Felipe Massa
Chassis: C24-02
67 laps, 296.676 kilometres
Best time: 1:17.506

Jacques Villeneuve
Chassis: C24-01
60 laps, 265.680 kilometres
Best time: 1:21.302